Alpha Park, Chandlers Ford

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Matthews Demolition have been involved in the complete demolition of an old electronics manufacturing facility at the former APW Electronics manufacturing site in order for the site to be redeveloped into three detached warehouse units, measuring 20,000, 45,000 and 84,000 sq ft.

The units are designed to cater for increasing demand from Industrial and Logistics suppliers for commercial property across the south coast, and are being developed by Bericote properties, funded by Blackrock, and will be situated in Alpha Park on the Chandlers Ford Industrial Estate.

Project Overview

Alpha Park has been the source of some controversy for the past, as the site was initially purchased by Hampshire Police for £9.8million from APW Electronics in 2008, before it was decided that the site was inappropriate for them and then sold on at a loss. The site was purchased after funding was brokered through the South Coast Office of Lambert Smith Hampton, and work began on the £20million development, which will provide 180 jobs in the area.

Scope of Works

  • Breaking of ground floor slabs and foundations/stanchion pads.
  • Wall and roof cladding panels contain hazardous CFC blowing agents
  • Demolition/clearing of all associated buildings, structures, retaining walls, cabins, containers etc.
  • Removal of vegetation. (Not large trees, merely bushes, shrubs, weeds etc).
  • Removal of concrete and tarmac hard standings.
  • Crush all hard core and concrete and stockpile resulting aggregates on site, for reuse by the client.
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