BALFOUR BEATTY – Guildford Park and Ride Car Park

Guildford Car Park Demolition

Project Overview

Construction of new access road, new car park and landscape area.


Project Considerations

The new car park area and access road had to be cleared of trees, bushes etc and removed from site. The existing topsoil of 4300m3 was then excavated and placed in permanent stockpiles for future re-use with only approximately a few hundred metres to be re-used on site in island planters etc.

Reduce level excavation of 29900m3 across the site undertaken followed by the preparation of formation to falls and cross falls, 11200m3 of suitable material was used to make up levels prior to the formation being prepared ; 1900m3 of material was transported to permanent on site landscape areas with the remaining surplus of 16800m3 being removed from site to our company owned disposal facility.


Type one sub base was then placed to the roads and new car parking area.


Drainage, kerbs and tarmac undertaken by other specialist contractors.


All work undertaken by our own site management team, labour plant and equipment.

Guildford Car Park Demolition

Scope of Works

  • Site clearance
  • Excavation
  • Placement of suitable fill on site
  • Placement of type 1 sub base
  • Preparation of sub formation
  • Removal of surplus material from site
  • Deposition of fill to landscape areas